POCA Chart

POCA Chart

Friendly, rapid, electronic charting for your clinic!

POCA Chart is the electronic charting solution for your clinic

We've worked hard to provide all the features you need for rapid, efficient charting, and we're adding new ones all the time.

Simple and Customizeable Chart Notes

Our standard form includes just two fields CC: & TX: to keep charting simple.

If the base form does not work for your clinic we can develop a custom form for you in a matter of days.

Many common formats are already available and can be added in hours.

Herb Notes

Herbal prescriptions are first class citizens and have a dedicated notes space.

Dedicated space for herb notes makes it easy to review prescriptions at a glance.

Private Notes

Keeping your co-workers informed about a patient's needs is a snap with our Private Notes.

Rapid Repeat

Do you have patients who come in regularly for the same symptoms and who receive the same treatment?

Repeat a previous chart note and sign with just 2 clicks!

Powerful Patient Search

Find the correct patient record fast with our search feature.

Document Maintenance

Upload and store scanned copies of your patient paperwork to each patient's chart

PDF Chart Export

Painless records request fulfillment with just one click

Patient Import

Seamlessly import your patients from Practice Fusion


All plans are offered on a sliding scale provide access to all features in POCA Chart. Discounted pricing is available for POCA Members and when you pay upfront for a year of POCA Chart.

POCA Members

plans from

$25 / mo

Get charting!

Non Members

plans from

$35 / mo

Get charting!

Join POCA today and recieve 8 free CEU credits annually in addition to a discount on POCA Chart.